Christmas Holidays

 It was Boxing day that destroyed christmas this year and the reason for that was my family. Since before i can remember every boxing day my mums side of the family (aunt, uncels & cousins) would all get together at my Nans flat for the day and for years me and my sister made 2/3 girls in the total of 6 grandchildren. Yet a fair few years ago my mums older sister re married a man with two spoilt and ungreatful children a boy and a girl, and previously in the year at the time of my aunts step daughters birthday my mum was going into hospital to have an operation and because of the fact that this girl is not my aunts daughter or any way related to my mother my mother did not put any money in her birthday card. It was then at this point that my aint would text my mum asking her if she had generally forgotten and throughout the period this took place put more stress on my already ill mother. Unaware of the full details of what happened after what i am aware of is that because of this when at my Nans for boxing day other than my grandparents not one of the other family members pressnt (2 aunts, 2 Uncles, 4 cousins & the 2 step-children) would talk to us or acknowlage us.

However only seeing them once a year them not talking to us hardly put a strain on the day because me and my sister relished the fact they were not priying into our lives, yet the spitfullness of the presents that were given to us made us feel really unwelcomed at the event. myself i recived from one aunt a rather facny bath set which im sure most would have liked yet the insult that remains behind this is I tend to be highly allergic to these fancy body washes and bath salts, a fact that they are aware of after kindliy asking them to exchange a simular gift less than 5 years ago. Then from another aunt i recived a tall glass hot chocolate mug filled with packets of choclate powder, chocolate chips and marshmellows and although im in no way against hot chocolate it was insulting because i had been seeing it on offer in the supper market for the past month and the other item it was included with this gift was a scarf … from poundland. Aware however that my own mother had bought me a scarf for christmas from poundland this was more insulting because the one i recived from my mother had a particular pattern that i had been looking for, the one from my aunt however was just unthoughtful.

So it is now at this point that i wish that they had not bothered because then i would not have to deal with having to pretend to be thankful for there spite and then try and return the un-desired gifts/

The Last Day of Term

While today most people at school, college and in some cases work although not happy with having to go, just wanting to begin their christmas celebrations, dragged themselves in even through the light dusting of snow in the south east which sent facebook into a panic on weather you would be reciving snow today.

my self however was oblivious, still asleep in bed as i did not have to be in college until the afternoon for my final lesson of the year. Not as much of a luxury as i would have liked, origionally i had plans to get up early to finish my homework for the lesson that i had yet to do, but these plans were changed as yesterday i fell under the dreaded cold that circulates just before christmas and ignoring my mothers better judgement still insisted on going to the final zumba session of the year. This later proved to be a bad idea as i spent most of the night coughing or getting up for different medicine as they wore off.

sooo by this morning it is easy to imagine that after only 4 hours of sleep i was not getting up to do anything any time soon. My mother being as cruel as only mothers can be was still trying to insist that i go travel 1 hour on the cold bus to get to my college when i would sit in a stuffy over crowded room then spend another hour returning home (this would have proved even longer because i later found out that at the time i would have been catching the bus there was an accident on the A2 which delayed all buses) yet not being able to get me out of bed gave her the initiative to phone the abcent line and inform them 5 hours in advance i would not be going in. 

although at first I was thankful for this i later began to think that I would have better chances going to college, why?, the simple reason of I was soon confined to our new 3 seater sofa (a privalliage as it is usually my parents that use it) watching re runs of Judge Judy, UK Border Force and Grey’s Anatomy, being forced to drink a horrid concoction of hot water with chuncks of lemon soaking in it with a table spoon of honey, when I myself would rather just take the vile medicine and get it done with.

Yet while trying to look on the possitive side there is the hope that it will have passed by christmas and i will be in top shape to confront the horror that is my family ^_^


Well its that time of year again where everywhere is performing pantomines and through all the fancyadverts that are pasted everywhere around Canterbury city center for Cinderella at the Marlow theartre. The only one that had caught my imediate interest was Aladin which was being performed in the local school that is used to attend until the end of year 11 and while i went to Canterbury college a friend of mine stayed at the school 6th from to take performing arts and this year was given the part of the bad guy.

However through my own failing eye sight read the tickets wrong and while i thought it started at 7:30 turned out it started at 7 so we had to go in 10 minuets late >_<

What i admire most about the performing arts department is the pure amount of effort and time they put into the performance because it really does show, in some of the dances with the younger years it was clear to see there was not the enthusiasim and a majority of them did not know what they were ment to be doing which to me just lets down all the hard work the other participants have put in.

It was nice to attend such a community event and im sad that it will be the last one i am attending because at the end of this academic year my friend will be leaving the 6th form and after I myself have always either been watching the performance or was part of the music department.

A sad Farewell and Luck to the Department ^_^